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Wednesday, September 3, 2008


"Ivan" is actually Jerry I. Allison, the superb drummer from Buddy Holly & The Crickets, taking a turn as a frontman. Buddy Holly sings backup and plays some amazingly cool guitar as only Buddy could. Of course this song was covered 28 years later by Iggy Pop. No wonder, as its one of the coolest rockabilly cuts out there.

from 1958...


Anonymous said...

Wow! I never knew the story behind this tune. (I confess I always thought Iggy's was the original!) Thanks.

Nick said...

the song was written and originally recorded by Australian "King of Rock n Roll" Johnny O'Keefe, and was the first australian composed/recorded rock n roll #1 hit for an Australian Artist. in 2004 (released 2008) Chas of Chas and Dave recorded another version of this song with Jerry I Allison.