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Tuesday, May 18, 2010


An absolutely glorious Curtis Mayfield production!

It would be very easy to think "ahh yes, another girl group record about being in love with a special boy", and dismiss this record, right? But this side has so many unexpected twists and turns and a mesmerizing chorus that it turns what could be a mundane song into a thing of wonder. And let's not forget those always killer Chicago soul beats.

from 1967...



wilfofhove said...

Yet more brilliant stuff.
Looking back over Derek's last ten uploads, I'm tempted to suggest that this is his most golden run. Then again, the man has yet to upload anything less than sublime.
This is the first site I turn to of a morning once my first cuppa has brewed. Never disappoints, always astonishes.
The man's taste is nowt less than impeccable.
Gawd bless you, sir. And a million thanks.

Derek See said...

You are too kind, my friend. Such kind words help keep me going and I hope I don't disappoint in the future. Cheers to you!

Jem said...

I have to agree with Wilfofhove. Thanks for spinning the excellent discs for us.