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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Great clubs! Installment two; THE BURLINGTON BAR, CHICAGO!

Thanks to my pal Eric Colin, last September we hosted a night at a newer hot spot in Chicago's Logan Square area...The Burlington Bar!

With an excellent layout and perfect lighting, I knew upon entry that the Burlington was gonna be a gas. Then, as we were setting up I couldn't help but notice a vintage "Light Brite" setup above the DJ booth with letters that spelled out 'No Requests". How very direct and very Chicago (and much appreciated!) It's always nice to play records at places where the people who run the bar don't expect the DJ's to pander to any kind of music which can be heard at dozens of others places in any city around the world.

This was one of those nights that felt like it was over as soon as it began, thanks to the excellent atmosphere in the bar and the TOP tunes that spun all night. Not sticking to any format other than dancers, Eric & I spun soul, garage, psych, European beat all to a great response and immense personal satisfaction. Staff at the bar was super friendly and the pints went down SMOOTH.


Anonymous said...

Haha nice..I still have my Lite-Brite ..

jaytingle said...

Reminds me of the night I met Captain Weems at the Sam and Dave show. He says you bought a pile of his records. Did you get Gorgeous George?

Derek See said...

Yeah, it made me sad when the Captain was selling those records! Didn't get Gorgeous George, but I got some amazing stuff from him!