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Wednesday, May 26, 2010


From what we know about Mr Williams, a song with a title like this could very well be autobiographical!

Of course, made famous by the great Beatles cover version, the original is no slouch. George Harrison copped quite a few of the hot lead guitar licks from this version which is raw and sizzling. While the Beatles also raised the key and played it as a relatively straight beat number, the original has a menacing bump and grind that could easily be the soundtrack to a juvenile delinquent street fight!

from 1959...



G the P said...

Great tune this. The Beatles cover of Bad Boy made a lasting impression on a very young G the P - my mum and dad gave me a compilation Beatles LP with it on when I was really small. I played the LP a lot. Bad Boy was, naturally, one of the first things I learned to play on an electric guitar when I got my first one age about 13. Great to see Larry Williams' original getting an airing here. Good work!

PS great to see you blog about The Boogaloo too. You're welcome there any time - you know this!

Jem said...

Thank you! Great post.