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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Great clubs! Installment one; THE BOOGALOO, LONDON

In this new series, I welcome guest posts! Write me if you would like to write up a favorite club of yours- either if you DJ a night or are a punter who loves a certain spot!

It had been a dream of mine for many years to spin some records in London, and thanks to friends Dean Chalkeley and Gavin Lucas (aka G The P) that became a reality in early May when I was booked as a guest at Dean's night, "Shake!".

It's immediately apparent when walking into the Boogaloo that this is a class joint and the type where a music aficionado is right at home. The jukebox is FREE and loaded with great music, and there's a framed portrait of Iggy Pop immediately to the right when walking in. Lou, who runs the bar, is a very friendly lady and was incredibly hospitable to us and our crew the whole night as well (cheers, Lou!)

The room filled up early and everyone was primed to dance and groove all night. I met many web friends and fans of the blog that night and it was just simply the greatest of times.

Between the amazing jukebox and the superb lineup of DJ's spinning everything from 50's rock & r'n'b to sixties sounds and beyond, the Boogaloo is my hometown bar albeit thousands of miles away. I cannot recommend it enough! Located at 312 Archway Road London N6 5AT. Check out their homepage!


Anonymous said...

Yo dude!

Been a BIG fan of your blog for along time now and it makes me very proud to see The Boogaloo up here. It too will always be thought of as a home from home for me. I've been doing a night there for years with are man G The P, so to see a picture Gav's beautiful mug up here is a pure delight.

Good work!


Anonymous said...

One question, Derek:
Why do you put the sleeves under the records when you play them?
I've seen this on a photo on another blog and since then have been wondering why one should do that...

Derek See said...

Anonymous #1: THANK YOU!!! Anonymous #2: I put the sleeves underneath the record to keep the record from slipping. Many times (especially if it's a heavier piece of vinyl or its a UK issue with centre) the record will slip, killing everyone's buzz! It also prevents the panic of losing a sleeve while spinning.