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Saturday, May 29, 2010


Quite simply one of my favorite ever covers of a James Brown song!

While the singer can't match the raw grittiness of JB (and how many can?), he lays out some very impressive screams nonetheless. I am much more enamored with the almost punky energy that this British band hits the song with.

Don't know anything at all about the Persuasions; in fact, they're not even listed in Terry Rawlings excellent "British Beat" book.

from 1965...



Anonymous said...

Absolutely champion Derek! Brilliant cover.

Rockin' Jeff said...

The Blues Magoos version of this is pretty wild too.

Spread That Rhythm Around said...

You're amazing, Derek! Not only do you find obscure records, but you find really interesting obscure records that are great to listen to. Thanks for sharing them. Marie

Spread That Rhythm Around said...

Hi Derek,
There's a listing for a Persuasions 45 in Goldmine's Standard Catalogue of American Records:

TOWER 146 - Try Me/I'll Go Crazy

so I guess there's a good chance they're an American group? Marie

brianbrora said...

The Persuasions that I know are an American Acapella group, who used to be led by Jerry Lawson. (A couple of their classic LPs are on my blog) This certainly ain't them!!. Good record though, all the same..

Derek See said...

Marie, this is no doubt a British record. The compressed production is a hallmark of British records, and I can hear the accent on the singer. The Tower release is simply a US licensed version of this same record. Tower was an EMI affiliate in the states, and Columbia in the UK was the highest echelon of EMI.

Spread That Rhythm Around said...

Hi Derek,

Thanks not only for the information, but for taking the time to respond. Now I'm very curious and have got to find out (as a non-musician) exactly what compressed production values are in relation to all of those British records I love. Marie

Anonymous said...

The UK Persuasions released three 45's on Columbia.

I'll Go Crazy/Try Me
DB 7560 (1965)

Big Brother/Deep Down Love
DB 77700 (1965)

La, La, La, La, La/Opportunity
DB 7859 (1966)

Jem said...

Excellent. Thank you!

sean.dandy69 said...

You weren't kidding, that is pretty killer! The Moody Blues did a pretty cool version in the Denny Laine days, check out their live version from 'Shindig Goes To London', now that's amazing!

js said...


I was the persuasions manager.
They were originally called
Terry Anton and the "Rhythm Rockers"
and then they became "The Wackers"

Terry recorded "Leave a little love" For Pye Records.

The Wackers recorded
"The girl who wanted Fame" on Pye Records.
The Persuasions recorded "Big Brother" "I'll go crazy" and "La La La La La" for EMI.
I would like spare recordings of these records myself.
The persuasions were the favourite group of Alexis Corner and Brian Jones.



Peter Meadows said...

I was a memeber of the Rhythm Rockers but lost touch with the rest of the story. JS, would love to get in touch. meadowsesq@gmail.com

Unknown said...

Hello J.S.

Where The Persuasions anything to do with the group called The Tribe?