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Saturday, February 26, 2011


Absolutely NOTHING is known about the "Ann Mason" heard on this record, and little is known about the backing group (Little Mac & The Boss Sounds, who are believed to be from North Carolina).

Whatever the story, I LOVE this side and Ann's answer to the wicked Pickett.

from 1965...


Anonymous said...

Good voice, but I'm not a big fan of thinly-disguised copies (especially when it's on the same label). Makes me think of an easy cash-in, rather than providing her with an original tune.

DaveO said...

Great track.. I love it! Thanks Derek!

Anonymous said...

The instrumental portion (without Ann Mason) IS one of my favorite soul instrumentals. I looked for a long time for "In The Midnight Hour by Little Mac and The Boss Sounds" and finally found it on the import CD "Where It's At". Give a listen and enjoy

Ken in Texas

Derek See said...

The instrumental cut is the B side of this particular 45 as well. Hot band!

Anonymous said...

Derek if you follow url http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jdhe7hOfb2o

it shows the same 45 as you and the instrumental is the A side Note the PLUG SIDE

Great tunes you have here

Ken in Texas