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Tuesday, February 22, 2011


While it doesn't scale to the heights of the untouchable (and previously posted) "Hit & Run/ I Miss My Baby" (and admittedly that record is in a very special class that few others enter), Rose's other very collectable single is still a fantastic listen. Sorry for the heavy surface noise on the intro, but I have waited too long to find a cleaner copy and I couldn't wait any longer to share this gem.

Practically any record pressed with Mike Terry's name on it is worth a listen. Mike left a BIG mark on the world playing baritone sax on major Motown hits; he left the label in 1965 and began working with the Golden World/ Revilot team(s) immediately afterwords, spreading his creative genius to songwriting and producing. Sadly, he was not part of the Funk Brothers reunion/ "Standing In The Shadows Of Motown" film project which would have brought this amazing music figure to light before his death in 2008.

As for Rose Batiste; she should have been a star; not only did she have an awe inspiring voice, but pictures show that she was gorgeous with a genuine, charismatic smile. Recent video performances show that she still has *it*. This was her final single.

from 1968...