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Wednesday, February 16, 2011


It doesn't matter by whom or when they were cut; I will add any record that sounds like this to my collection or want list without question!

Dorothy Berry was married to Richard Berry (writer of "Louie Louie" and "Have Love will Travel") and it is believed that she was the inspiration behind the "fine little girl, she waits for me" line in "Louie". Richard also sold off the rights to three songs (including "Louie") to raise $750 to marry Dorothy.

Dorothy went on to become one of Ray Charles' Raeletts for many years until she was tired of the road.

from 1962...


Lawrence 50/50 said...

I have heard that this is an answer record to Jimmy Norman's "I Don't Love You No More" on the same label.

brianbrora said...

Never heard that before but it sounds great. Real good R&B voice. Thanks.

philippe said...

Fantastic! Thanks for sharing.

C. von Grumpy said...

Brilliant, thanks very much!

pepper67 said...

great track,killer voice

Dewey Freed said...

Great track indeed.
And with a husband like Richard Berry, this is just a sublim family.

And if you tell me that's an answer to Jimmy Norman's cracking "I Don't Love You No More", you got a marvel in your hand!

*Ring*, Hello Babe,
Who's That,
This Is ME!

Anonymous said...

Like her husband, this woman is criminally underrated. This is only the fourth track I have by this woman but every one is an absolute killer.