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Thursday, February 3, 2011


The "Beverley" here in question at the time was Beverley Kutner. A few short years later, she married legendary (and superb) British folkie John Martyn where the two recorded some lovely music together.

HOWEVER, just a few short years earlier, we find 19 year old Beverley backed in the studio by Jimmy Page (laying down some of his finest ever guitar workings, with a chunking riff that's virtually the blueprint for "Communication Breakdown") as well as John Paul Jones (making this one of the earliest sessions that these two played on which is heavily proto-Zeppelin-esque). This was also the debut release from Deram records, the highly influential London beat/psychedelic/ progressive label.

This record is hypnotic; the lulling piano (played by Nicky Hopkins) juxtaposed with the heavy guitar, Beverley's confident, swaggering vocal and the always fantastic British drumming.

Even though this is the "b" side, I find it so superior to the "a" (which is the enjoyable but rather lightweight "Happy New Year") that I simply cannot believe the misjudgment in that designation by a&r!

As I sit here and write, I have listened to this jam 5 times in a row!

from 1966...



Desmond said...

It's so good to be introduced to a song that feels like its always been a part of your life.

Holly said...

Hi Derek -

I'm not especially feeling this one, sorry - but what an amazing back story!

Thank you for sharing.

uptownjen said...

Denny Cordell-produced as well!

Katie said...

Wow, fantastic! Definitely keeping my eyes peeled for this gem!

Anonymous said...

wow wow wow, thanks. Do you have "Magic Words" b side I Wonder If She Remembers Me the mccoys?


plasticsun said...

I just got around to listening to this song - very very cool.