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Thursday, February 24, 2011


The story of The Opals is a story that is practically made for this blog in that it incorporates so many of my favorite performers/ producers. The Opals, from East Chicago, IN (a grim steel mill town just outside Chicago) were discovered in 1962 by The Dells, at a performance in Gary, IN (near East Chicago). The Dells (possibly the finest male harmony group of all time) liked what they heard in these lovely ladies and allegedly worked with them as their pupils; shortly after the discovery they were singing backups on Betty Everett's "Shoop Shoop Song (It's In His Kiss)". They eventually made their way to being a sort of house girl group for Okeh Records, were they backed Otis Leavill and the mighty Major Lance on a number of records.

Producer Carl Davis felt the ladies were due to step out on their own, and cut a few sides which included this lovely Curtis Mayfield number which turned out to be their final release. Sadly, this was the last thing heard from these talented gals.

from 1965...

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girlswithsoul said...

Great stuff.
Sounds like Betty Everett on lead vocal.I wonder if she filled in while the lead singer was unavailable.