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Monday, February 28, 2011


Here we go with another New Orleans record, produced by NOLA genius Allen Toussaint. Toussaint also co-wrote this track with Eldridge, and Eldridge wrote a good chunk of his recorded output of around 30 sides (note to self: I need to snag some more Eldridge Holmes records!)

I love the arrangement of this track, with those great stops and starts that convey the feeling of the song so well.

Sadly, Eldridge never achieved any real success, although his talent far outshone whatever the lack of sales indicated. The man had a rich, soulful voice with strong emotional delivery.

If the intro to this song has never been sampled, it certainly should be; the stop/ start groove would be a perfect foundation to build a track upon.

from 1966...



ana-b said...

A fairly tough one to get your hands on. Trying to tempt me into posting the flip side of this one too?

I did finally get Tony Owen' "Got'a Get My Baby Back Home" up. Only took me about 10 hours longer than I expected.


Derek See said...

I almost put up both sides, but now that I have stopped the mailing list I REALLY have to be careful with my bandwidth, so that would be great if you posted the other side.

Dub said...

i think it sort of (but not reallY9 been sampled. once i heard that intro, i thought of regina spektor's 'on the radio'

ana-b said...

Word to the wise....if for no other reason than you might need it in case there's a serious problem with your divshare bandwidth.

People sometimes complain that I don't have a player on the blog...but after 200 uploads, I've had zero problems/worries since I switched to mediafire.

Just a fact.

fadingface said...

sampled the start of this (albeit it's reversed) http://soundcloud.com/fadingface/manic-repression-master