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Thursday, April 14, 2011


I know nothing of this record, other than it's a stone groove cover of a Donovan track.

This is seemingly a one off from this 'group" who was, perhaps, a studio concoction ready made to exploit the psychedelic movement and seems ready made for a trip out party scene in a movie of that era. So, basically, an instant key to my heart, and probably yours as well.

from 1967...


Todd said...

Discovered this on Round Wonders. Good stuff. Are you familiar with "Lantern Gospel" by The World Column?

Jonas said...

In Billboard 13 May, 1967 you can read that this was a local master from Cleveland produced by Roger Karshner. He is probably best known (?) in connection with local heroes "The Outsider", but he produced some odd records like "National Gallery" (music inspired by Paul Klee's paintings) and Vincent Price's "Witch" double LP... It seems that Dick Toops and Joel Cory appear on the label too as I thought the were Chicago producers?

mad4music said...

Groovy, baby!