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Wednesday, October 12, 2011


This is a record that I wasn't aware of until very recently, and upon hearing it for the first time I felt as though I'd been missing out on something extra special for my entire life. Stomping soul beat? Check. Powerful female vocals? check. A false stop that brings one to their knees? check. Outrageous fuzztone? CHECK!

While this is seemingly a one-off record, The Jewels (aka Lady Bo & The Family Jewel) were a relatively long running side group for Bo Diddley guitarist Lady Bo (I sure hope that's her laying out the outrageous fuzzed out guitar, never mind whoever it is playing the outrageous fuzz BASS!)

This record is erroneously reported elsewhere as being from 1961; definitely not, as the catalog number fits it smack dab in the middle of 1966 (where it belongs).

from 1966...


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ana-b said...

That's totally killer. Just went on my list of must-haves.

Derek See said...

yeah, it's essential, isn't it? Glad that you like it.

ana-b said...

Actually, you hurt me bad with this one. I must have played it 20 times in the last 24 hrs. Let me know if you see or hear of another copy. ok?

Desmond said...

Something special got recorded there for posterity, a real moment of invention inside of a recording session. They must've walked away thinking they had something great.

Ian Roy Millington said...

i have a copy, if you still require it.
Not too much money either!