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Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Junior Parker released an almost unfathomable amount of records in his career which spanned from 1950 until his young death (of a brain tumor) in 1971. For the most part, his late 60's records are sub-standard; not as a fault of his own (his voice was ALWAYS stellar) but more as a result of weak material.

Luckily, producer Huey P Meaux helped Junior NAIL this one, which is one of his greatest records. Huey is one of those people in the music field whose personal life was full of deplorable acts (he did jail time TWICE for statutory crimes) but was simply brilliant behind the mixing board. Huey's production work with the likes of Barbara Lynn and The Sir Douglas Quintet yielded some of the greatest music of the 60's. This record takes Junior's deep south blues roots (he was born in the heart of the delta in Clarksdale, Mississippi) and adds some sophisticated uptown swing for results that are simply magic. Junior's cool vocal delivery is just outta sight.

from 1968...



Gyro1966 said...

Great stuff, Derek. Thanks for the fine 45's every day.

Holly said...

This is superb!