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Sunday, October 16, 2011


This beautiful song has a rather strange story, and one that is unique to this record (to my knowledge); namely, the same track was released three times, in a span of 4 years, by three separate labels, and under two different group names!

Originally released in 1965 by the Joytones, apparently the producers of the record felt strongly enough about the record to re-release it, hoping for the success that it deserved. Unfortunately, it did not hit the charts on any of its releases.

I believe that it is a Detroit recording, but I may be wrong.

from 1965/1969...


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Anonymous said...

monster tune love it Derek
ATB Steve

Anonymous said...

Oh how creamy sweet. Great track. Thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

Great track. Love it! Thanks!!


Anonymous said...

Found this at "Soulful Detroit Blog"
I enjoy your blog, Keep up the good work

Ken from Ft Worth
Go Rangers

Hello Again.

I've dug out my "Northern Soul Classiest Rarities" C.D.

The booklet notes by ADY CROASDELL have this to say about "This Love" by THE JOYTONES ...

"It originally released on the Big Apple's Coed label back in 1964, the producers rightly had so much faith in it that they engineered its release on the Kapp label as by the Love Potion some four years later ( It also came out on the small TCB label in 1968).

The songwriters and the girls' management team were local musical luminaries Al Stewart and top soul singer Tony Middleton. Tony remembers the girls as being from his part of town, Spanish Harlem, but couldn't enlighten us as to why the song had so many releases."

I hope this answers your questions Oldiesmusicfan.


Out In The Street said...

Ha! Came across the Joytones version on youtube last week and listened to it on repeat a few times.