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Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Billy Butler is Jerry Butler's younger brother, and his career (which began in 1963) found him supported and surrounded by the genius team of Chicago soul- on this track writer Curtis Mayfield (who is also heard singing and probably playing guitar), and producer Carl Davis. Their magic is evident as soon as the "Yeah YEAH'S" kick in on the intro of this record; what a GLORIOUS intro!!! The following two minutes keep the sugar flowing for a downright gorgeous piece of Chicago soul.

from 1964...



DaveO said...

Nice one Derek! Great tune.. and another I've not heard before. Thanks

Holly said...

His version (w the Chanters) of "I Just Can't Work No Longer" goes on almost every mixtape I've ever made for ;-)

Funky16Corners said...

Looooooove this record!