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Wednesday, May 9, 2012


While this track is acknowledged by many as one of THE GREATEST of the girl group era (and justifiably so), I know absolutely NOTHING about singer Cathy Saint, and I speculate that she may be someone else recording under a pseudonym (and if you know more, please write!).

This track has it all; lyrically it paints a vivid picture of bad boys to avoid thanks to advice mom mom, driven along by a superb New York City arrangement and production. When I listen to the chord progression it's clear that records like this were such a huge inspiration on the songwriting of Elvis Costello, as it keeps moving and reaching.

from 1963...



Anonymous said...

Thanks. I saw Elvis Costello play in Dublin last night. 'Twas fantastic.

Stephanie Sleurs said...

I am Cathy Saint. Yes, I'm still alive. My real name is Catherine Troupe. After the song I continued my career as Cathy Saint John. All this was in New York. Now I am back in the state in which I was born, Georgia.