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Monday, May 14, 2012

In tribute to Belita Woods; 1948-2012

It truly pains me to write another epitaph. Especially since, in this day and age, passing away at 63 is just too damn young.

Although Belita Woods only released three solo singles, they are three records that I deeply cherish. In the later 70's Belita went on to sing with disco band Brainstorm, and in the early '90's she joined the P-Funk mob (which is where I first saw/ heard this amazing little woman with the big voice.) Belita looked foxy as can be on stage with P-Funk, often clad in a black leather mini, and she sang with absolute power and drama; her spots were always a highlight of the P Funk shows for me.

Her first release (1967) was the incredible double sider "Magic Corner b/w Grounded"; this record is easily my favorite Detroit double sider, period.Belita's vocals are so incredibly powerful on both sides that they practically collapse the capsule of the microphone that she sang into.
Magic Corner:


This record was followed up (also in '67) by the simply divine "That's When I'll Stop Loving You".

It was nearly six years later that Belita released another gorgeous ballad; "I Just Love You".

While Belita was never a household name, her talent sustained a career that spread across six decades. She will be missed.


briancf said...

Sorry to hear about the passing of this fantastic singer and classy, generous lady. Thanks for the posts.

Morgan Young said...

Grounded sounds like a song to which The Gift-era Paul Weller would have been drawn. Nice and funky and plenty of upbeat. A real gem. Thanks for turning me on to it.