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Monday, May 14, 2012


First off, I just wanna say how sad it is to hear of the passing of STAX bass man Donald "Duck" Dunn. As the house bass player for STAX, Dunn's down home bass lines combined with drummer Al Jackson made up what was perhaps the greatest rhythm section to ever make us either shake it or drive a ballad into deep into our hearts. Here's a repost of one of my favorite, yet lesser known, Dunn bass lines right here.

Hot on the heels of last week's Sheryl Swope post,  here's another track from her, and one that shows off her crystal clear voice in the most gorgeous light. I know I say this often, but one of the joys I get when I'm writing these posts is that I typically listen to the track a few times in a row while writing and scanning the sleeve. This one just gets better upon each repeated listening. In a world that's full of too much negativity, a record like this just brings it all home and erases all of the ill wills of the world for 2;19, and luckily for us we can enter that world as often as we like.

In my perfect fantasy world, a record like this could melt the hearts of all the bigots, homophobes, greedy one percenters and all of the other people whose lack of civic mindedness and general no-goodness can foul up our day to day lives.

from 1969...


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