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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Great Record Stores: Berlin & Colmar, France!

Back with another installment! It's touring season and I've had a chance to dig in some different cities this summer.

Being such a center for the arts, I was surprised to learn of only one record store in Berlin that sold the type of records that I collect. I wasn't necessarily disappointed, as I had plenty of other things to do in this amazing city. However, I wasn't disappointed with Da Capo Records which was recommended by a friend who lives in Berlin; a fantastic shop ( Kastanienallee 96, 10435)! The 45's were a bit tricky to get thru, but it wasn't difficult either. Found some cool picture sleeves. Da Capo is best for CLEAN copies of LP's, and I picked up a few killers for decent prices. There's also plenty of cafe's and such in the neighborhood.

 Colmar, France (in the German-influenced Alsace district) is a charming little gingerbread town full of great things to see. Luckily for the vinyl traveller, Le Discobole Records (7 Rue Porte Neuve  68000) is located downtown among the other amazing things to see. This tidy store is run by a very friendly chap, and I found some incredible records- among them, a French only 6" Stax sampler from 1967 that I've never seen in person. WOW and WOW! Highly recommended.

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