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Thursday, August 16, 2012


I'm afraid that I know nothing about who The V Wagers were (aka The Five Wagers), but all signs point to this being a Chicago record. I'm even gonna go out on a limb and says it's probably Bernard Reed on bass playing some of his signature runs, possibly even making it an uncredited Gene Chandler or Carl Davis production.

Whatever the story, it sure feels good when this record is spinning.

from c1969...


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Steven Litos said...

Hi Derek,

There's a full interview with James Westbrook Jr on The Five Wagers from 2004 on the WHPK "Stitting in The Park" radio website. At the time they only used stage names.

They lasted locally to Chicago until the mid-1970s and briefly moved to California to make thier fortune.

This song did get airplay locally to Chicago in 1969 on WVON (in exchange for the Five Wagers to appear at record hops for the benefit of the djs...no real money from this label for payola).

The co-writer was Gregory Washington...a local guitarist.

I have a contact number for Bernard Reed. I'll ask him if he remembers this session. I think he left Brunswick/Carl Davis around 1969 to be a "free agent" so it could be him. It's definately a great upbeat clear sound-ing record...meaning they at least spent money on the production of the recording. Great vocals too.