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Saturday, August 4, 2012


Hello from Katowice, Poland where I'm currently on tour. As I started writing this, it struck me as a child of the cold war that not only  how truly amazing it is that people all around the planet every day view this site,  but also the fact that we are able to visit former Eastern Bloc countries freely and folks can hear live music that they couldn't only 20 years ago. For all its problems, our world is pretty damn cool.

 It's not easy to find any info about this Chicago sweet soul group on the internet, thanks the the fact that the group name is "The Conservatives" on Ebonic Records; all I get is political you know what (a word that starts with "bull" and ends with a "t"). 

Regardless of whatever political affiliation this group may or may not have had, they deliver an indescribably beautiful vocal performance on this stellar record.

from 1969...


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