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Thursday, February 28, 2013


This is one of those records where, from the first time I ever heard it, the intro stopped me cold in my tracks; there's only 2 seconds before the vocal kicks in, but the mood created by two GREAT sounding guitar chords sets the mood immediately. When Tony Galla's vocal enters along with the rest of the sparse-but-slamming rhythm section, it's all over. This is one of those records that made me say "wait...that's a white dude???" as I learned more about it. Tony's voice is incredibly rich, soulful and sets a MOOD on this record. The instrumentation of drums-guitar-piano-organ-bass shows that one does not need horns and strings for a soul classic as well.

Turns out that this was the Buffalo, NY Galla's first release, and he has had a career in music ever since. In addition to more recordings with a group called Raven (who were approached to be signed by Apple Records at the insistence of George Harrison) and solo releases, his voice has been heard on several TV shows, movies and commercials. Legend!

from 1966...


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