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Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Seems that no matter how many different types of searches on Google that I try, very little useful info pops up about this lovely record. It seems as though North Bay records was not in the SF Bay Area as one would assume ("North bay" is a large area that's, well, north of the bay!) but a Philadelphia label. This record was a minor r&b hit, too. I know the Mellow Moods released others, but I've never seen or heard them. Besides all this, the track is a classic deep soul harmony cut.

As always, if you know more, please write/ comment.

from (I think) 1970...


Darcy said...

A great run of singles here recently (well, they're all great but the last few have been greatly great!).

Anonymous said...

Hi. Thanks for these great records and your site that I've discovered through TwilightZone. He had a great idea to reunite all these songs in comps. Cheers, Philip

Gyro1966 said...

Derek- If you ever want to re-upload some of your old
singles, I would gladly group them all together and make more comps out of them-with all of the label scans as well!. It's a shame that some of the great old singles on your site are now gone forever. (Of course your site & work would be credited)

Derek See said...

Gyro1966...I can't contact you thru your profile. Please email me directly : dereksdaily45@gmail.com


mikea99 said...


Thank you so much for "Tell Love Hello". I wrote you a few months ago about this cut and you found it for me with ease. I had been searching for a good 30+ years for it. Now I'm finally able to download it for my own. Thank you again and Happy Holidays to you.

Mike Andrews


PhillyDaveG said...

North Bay was a Mighty Three label (Gamble/Huff/Bell). They used it to try out artists. This is one of 12 45 releases on the label.