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Friday, October 9, 2009


In honor of John Lennon's birthday, here's a double post. Thanks to the "John Lennon's Jukebox" PBS special, we got to learn about a few more of John's favorite 45's (many of which we learned about through his guest DJ stints and John had impeccable taste!).

Here's one from John's jukebox. I miss you, Mr Lennon and think about you every day.

from 1965...



Tim said...

This record actually features Isaac Hayes, not Booker T. Jones, on organ. It's also the first single they released with Donald "Duck" Dunn on bass.

Derek See said...

where did you get THAT info from? I've never heard that Isaac Hayes plays organ on this track.

Anonymous said...

i remember reading the hayes stax story.... quite tragic really!

he defo did play organ on a lot of things uncredited, dunno about this one though!

i remember he had to sacrifice all royalties though because of stax's poor finance and legal cases!

Derek See said...

makes absolutely no sense to me that a Booker T record wouldn't have Booker T on organ. I call BS.