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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Careless Hearts spinning at 45 RPM! Available now.

A very exciting day indeed! FINALLY a 45 that I actually perform on. Being a 45 RPM fanatic since I learned how to walk, I've waited a long time to release some wax of my very own. Thanks to a "corporate sellout" on our part (Palm, Inc. using one of our songs for an ad) we were able to cut this record and release it on nature's perfect format.

Recording, mixed and mastered completely analog (we even used actual tape echo!) by Brad McGowan, we are very proud of the results. Chceck out the sample below.

NOW, your part. I'm hoping that since I've given y'all so much free music over the years, many of you will return the favor and buy our record! It's very inexpensive (and our drummer Eric Powers created a beautiful package with a 2 sided sleeve) so there you go. Here's a direct link to purchase it. We thank you in advance.

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