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Thursday, October 15, 2009


Yet another 60's soul song with "love" in the title? Well, yes, and this song has one of the most hauntingly transcendent choruses and it's a real thing of beauty.

The Sapphires were lead singer Carol Livingston with male backups Joe Livingston and George Garner. By the time of this record it is believed that additional voices heard on the recordings include Melba Moore, Valerie Simpson and Nick Ashford all making up the dense sound.

from 1965...



Anonymous said...

massive tune.... another big play in the uk (or at least it used to be... its probably not rare enough these days for the connisseurs !!! )

another great post as always

big up urself derek!

Derek See said...

what's up with these so-called "connisseurs"? The whole idea of DJ'ing is to entertain a crowd, not to please the 3 or 4 "rare record snobs" in the club. I call BOLLOCKS on those folks.

Thanks for the nice comment.

Anonymous said...

basically, they see their precious 7's as THEIRS, their exclusive piece of history. fuck the singers/band/writers/label owners etc.... the dj DISCOVERED the record...surely that makes them more important than EVERYTHING else about the record.... so when someone like you or me come along and want people to hear things they'd never get to hear, we're devaluing their precious elite collection and making the 'exclusive' dj less important!

but.... you'd think after holding a piece of plastic for 40+ years, you'd want the rest of the world to hear what an amazing song it is to make you keep it that long!

vinyl is going the same way as antiques... middle/upper classes owning things they dont like and shouldnt own anyway because of the price tag.... fuck those people!

as you say... what a load of BOLLOCKS !


Derek See said...

Yeah, that's a very insecure way of thinking and I hope that blogs like mine do reduce the monetary value of rare records in the eyes of these leaches. While I feel lucky to own a bunch of rare 45's, it is not the rarity that is enjoyable but the incredible music (just as I can get as much pleasure playing, say, a not so rare James brown 45). To the DJ's who 'discovered" a record; sure, you discovered it in your scene but there have been people collecting and treasuring them since the day they were released. They sure as hell weren't the "first" in that respect and it's incredibly arrogant and presumptuous to think so. And, yes, I do this blog to share the music with everyone because in reality the records may belong to me, but the music belongs to everyone.

Steve said...

WOW! Thank you!
Finding cuts like this still makes a jaded man feel happy and curious. Amazing. Sorry I didn't swing by the Burlington and catch you spin (chicagoan here), had a late night band practice that night. Big thanks for all the great 45's, it's appreciated.