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Saturday, October 24, 2009


Maximum (UK) R&B right here. The heartbeat pattern that the rhythm guitar and bass do throughout the song is completely mind-boggling.

An absolutely incredible song from this Coventry, UK group. Sadly, this group was ignored in their homeland and abroad (but achieved success in Italy!)

from 1965...



Shawn Ryan said...

This track is great. It actually inspired this long overdue post...


Thanks again for everything!

Jeff said...

Anyone else hear how this might have inspired the sound and vocals of "Indian Reservation" by Paul Revere and the Raiders?

Greenockian said...

The lead singer of the Sorrows was Don Fardon. He sang "Indian Reservation" after leaving the band and had a hit in the UK with it. I believe the Raiders copied his version.
Fardon's other hit was "Belfast Boy" which was about the one and only Northern Irish footballer Georgie Best.
Like a lot of UK bands facing the fact that so many of them sounded the same the Sorrows tried several style changes which probably confused whatever fans they had managed to attract in the UK. Their time in Italy was very successful - similar to the Rokes who had no hits in the UK but were HUGE over there. Who were the Rokes? Listen to the Grass Roots "Let's Live for Today" and you'll see it was written by the British band!