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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Great record stores: Oslo, Norway!

While other cities may boast great deals, Oslo is simply not one of them. Remember this is the land of the $6US small ice cream cone!

However, what the city lacks in deals it makes up for it in exotic, rare as can be Norwegian pressings of 60's 45's with unique picture sleeves that makes us collectors drool.

Proving that one can't believe everything they read on the internet, I approached Rakk And Ralls (Akersgata 39 (city centre) / phone: 22 36 04 88)with hesitation; their online reviews mention a rude staff, etc. However, I found just the opposite. A jaw dropping, three floor record & memorabilia shop that was full of a dizzying array of cool stuff. I spent a number of hours there, grabbed an armfull (telling myself that I may never be back so SPLURGE) and then went back the next day for more. The bloke behind the counter was very friendly and more than happy to give me a generous discount. There was a portable turntable setup with headphones as well. My friend behind the counter also recommended that I check out Bjorn Ringstroms Antikvariat (Wessels gate 2 (Meyerløkka) / phone: 22 20 00 13), a short walk down the road. I was very happy for this recommendation; the store is small but it's full of QUALITY vinyl and priced a bit less than Rakk And Ralls. Erik behind the counter was very friendly and actually ENCOURAGED me to bargain with him. I picked out some very nice singles and an LP and was on my way, carrying a great feeling about the store. However, the friendliness of the store and a few exotic picture sleeves made me go back the next day, and I'm glad that I did. We worked out a great deal and everyone was happy. This is a very, very friendly store and I cannot recommend it enough.


baikinange said...

What great timing....I will be in Oslo in a few weeks, and may find time for a little record shopping. Thanks for the info!

ana-b said...

Is there such a thing as a great record store that doesn't bargain and give discounts to good customers?

Maybe I'm just spoiled but I was pretty shocked the other day when a new shop counted up every last penny of my $80+ stack of 45's. I don't know that I'll return.

I'm totally envious of your trip, sounds dreamy.