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Monday, August 23, 2010


There are funk records and then there are FUNK records; this is the latter category.

Starting life as a bay area gospel group called the Heavenly Tones (and featuring Sly Stone's little sister Vaetta Stewart along with Mary McCreary, Elva Mouton and Tramaine Hawkins) while the members were in high school, by 1967 big brother Sly took the group (less Hawkins who quit) to become the backing vocalist for Sly & The Family Stone.

During 1970, Sly struck up a production deal with Atlantic records and created his Stoneflower imprint(he started his career in production after all) and cut two singles with the group recording as Little Sister. This was their second release, and features Sly's Maestro Rhythm Box (an early drum machine which was featured prominently the next year on Sly's "There's A Riot Goin On" LP) for a sound that must have been otherworldly at the time of release (and still sounds GREAT today.)

Great sound and all, but can someone please explain what STANGA means?

from 1970...



Anonymous said...

I think a bunch of people are trying to answer your question here right now:


Thanks, Derek.

joeknapp said...

Could be this, from the Urban Dictionary:


Perrata 2000 said...

Love that record! Sounds like it's falling apart but then he manages to keep it together. It's like it's melting or something...

Derek See said...

I think you got it, Joe! Thanks. Yeah, this record DOES sound like it's about to fall apart- just like the Riot Gin On LP. Just adds to the excitement!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! This is just so damn funky.



Greenockian said...

Or, as Rupie Edwards would say, "Skenga!"

Jem said...

Very funky. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Deep funk. Thanks for this.I thought Little Sister cut three sides. "Somebody"s Watching You" being one of them. Or did they record that on a different label?