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Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Hello from MOSCOW!

One of the joys in writing this blog is when researching the artists I find that they may no longer be recording, but still sing locally, either in clubs or their church. It's very sad to say that today's featured singer gave up singing around 1972 after the lack of success of her half a dozen singles. This release was also the first issue from Curtis Mayfield's Curtom label (Mayfield was a strong believer in the vocal prowess of Ms Conquest).

This record features a typically brilliant Johnny Pate arrangement (full of excellent drive and dynamics) as well as the always sublime production of Curtis Mayfield.

from 1968...



Anonymous said...

Another great one. Thank you, for all of your hard work and great tunes.


Derek See said...

Honestly, it never feels like work! Glad you enjoy the tunes.

Anonymous said...

Your incredibly dedicated to 45s! Thanks for looking after us with new postings from Russia! Some would say your obssessed... ;-)

Fast Film said...

Please, in addition to your normal excellent sleuthing, find out what ever happened to these two artists I liked, neither of whom have commercially available fare any more:
-Claudia Lennear, onetime backup singer extraordinaire and hottie. She had an excellent solo album "Phew!" produced by Allan Toussaint with great song selection, including a few of her own, and highclass LP art via John Van Hamersveld (Exile On Mainstreat, Endless Summer.) Her main single was "Everything I Do Goin' Be Funky."
-David Werner, quite simply the best unknown American glam artist ever. He had it all, great songwriting ability, great sound with fun arrangements, terrific band in performance, looks, 3 major label releases plus a live EP from same, then... zip. Lotsa singles from the third and best release.

Derek See said...

Heather, Claudia is a big mystery. That album is GREAT and yes, she was gorgeous. I'll have to look into David Werner and ask some friends who are glam heads.

Jem said...

Thank you!