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Monday, November 7, 2011


While it's relatively well known that Charlie Rich cut some of the greatest blue-eyed, red-necked soul records of the sixties, it seems that the r&b sides cut by Carl Perkins are relatively unknown. A pity, as this track still retains Carl's country/ rockabilly roots but put it into the then-modern framework of a record that could easily be played at the local a-go-go. Artists who got their start in the fifties were getting lost in the shuffle of the musical changes of the sixties, and some had more success than others in adapting (just as it took Elvis until 1968 to "get with it", and when he did he cut some of his greatest records).

Just DIG that Hammond organ grooving alongside Carl's guitar pickin'; a mighty fine example of musical integration!

from 1969...


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Greenockian said...

More than a hint of Elvis' "Guitar man" but a great little number. Just what I need to help me shake off my cold!

Anonymous said...

Holy shit that song grooves! Go CARL!!!