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Friday, November 18, 2011


Recorded towards the end of their long and (interesting) career, this track from New Mexico's Fireballs has quickly become one of my favorite blue eyed soul tracks as of late. It's one of those records that I've had for ages and didn't think a whole lot about it until recently; now I can't stop listening to it!

The Fireballs initial claim to fame was working with producer Norman Petty in overdubbing instrumental backing onto dozens of Buddy Holly recordings, released posthumously. Taking not only Buddy's acoustic demos and also some of his early (country/bluegrass) material, Petty & The Fireballs "updated" and "completed' those recordings (which is a discussion in itself). Controversy aside, the Fireballs were a fine group of musicians, led by super cool (musically and personally- I met him a few years back) guitarist George Tomsco.

The Fireballs scored a massive hit earlier in the year with 'Bottle Of Wine", and it seems as though they were grasping stylistically to come up with another hit. This one wasn't a hit, but it sure is excellent. While I have major problems with Norman Petty's handling of Buddy Holly's career and finances, there is no denying that the man was a genius in the studio; his recordings are always punchy, clear and sublime.

from 1968...


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Timmy said...

A great song. Everything they did was great.

a small town girl in the capital city said...

That's a fantastic song!

TheCzarsOf45 said...

Love this record. Love "Bottle Of Wine" and "Can't You See I'm Trying" it's B-Side even better. Love Norman Petty's work in the studio. Jimmy Gilmer's now in Nashville heading SBK Publishing. Love the Fireballs' Atco sides a lot.