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Monday, November 28, 2011


One would be completely forgiven in thinking that this record was cut by Curtis Mayfield & The Impression, or at the very least a Chicago group.

It's neither; The Larks (aka The Meadowlarks, led by Texan transplant Don Julian) were a Los Angeles based group, who had been active since the 50's. This record was a massive hit on the r&b charts (much deserved, as it's one of those records that just makes you feel great, whether or not you're dancing the jerk).

While there are a massive number of L.A soul records, L.A never had that elusive "defining sound" that allows for easy aural ID. L.A records tend to ape the styles of other sounds and add a bit of west coast sunshine to the mix.

With the massive population of folks coming to the sunshine, it's no surprise that L.A was home to many talented musicians and singers, most of whom are forgotten by all but us dedicated.

from 1964...


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Anonymous said...

A great tribute to Mick Jaegger, ok i'm kidding...