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Tuesday, November 1, 2011


This was the debut release on Columbus, OH's Capsoul record label; a label which documented the soul scene in Columbus from 1970 until 1975 and releasing some gorgeous singles along the way. The output of Capsoul was brilliantly collected together on one of Numero Group's "Eccentric Soul" collections. For what it's worth, one of the very first Daily 45 postings was the Capsoul release "You're My Desire" by The Four Mints.

This record was also Marion Black's debut as not only performer and writer. Working as a head waiter, Marion approached Capsoul founder Bill Moss with this tune, and allegedly it was this song that inspired Moss to start the label. Easy to believe, as this track is an incredibly powerful melding of soul, blues and gospel and it's one of those songs that, with better promotion and perhaps less raw production, could have been a massive hit. However, the raw production makes it a MASSIVE hit in these parts.

from 1970...

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waarschuwing said...

No comments? What a crime, as this is a real gem.

Thanks Derek.