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Thursday, November 10, 2011


This is possibly the most mysterious record I have ever featured on this site!

One fact that is almost a given with records is that, in the run out groove/ dead wax area, there's a matrix number that is the record's identification. These numbers, which almost always apply to the mastering catalog system, can be very helpful in both dating a record and also differentiating fakes from the real thing. This record has NO matrix number, which I have never seen before. Not only THAT, but there is no songwriter and no publisher listed on the label! Very, very strange! The song is a re-working of the 1961 Dee Clark hit, but I REALLY dig this uptempo version far better. How they got away without listing the writer and publisher just boggles my mind!

The one name that *is* listed is producer Mel Friedman; Mel was most certainly based in St Louis, MO. Mel's claim to fame was behind the boards for Bob Kuban & The In-Men's classic "The Cheater', which was a big hit right around the time this record was released (luckily there's at least a catalog number present on the label).

I would say almost certainly that this is not the same Profiles that were based in Detroit.

from 1966...


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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I recently discovered a great site featuring St. Louis bands and the Profiles don't turn up there either.

You're right, Mel Friedman's credit is all over St. Louis records. He also had an "in" with White Whale and placed some St. Louis stuff on that label.