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Tuesday, January 17, 2012


While there's a certain derivative element drawn from Sam Cooke's "Wonderful World" on this record, it is incredibly charming and the influence merely works in its favor. Sure, the backing vocals go out of tune at times, but in this day and age of vocal pitch correction ad infinitum, this just adds an even sweeter human element to the record. While I don't really know any hard facts about the group, I believe this was (Ruben &) The Chains debut 45 (they cut 3 for Peacock Records), and they sing with all the enthusiasm one would expect out of a group that's so excited to cut a record.

from 1963...


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Holly said...

What a great, sweet song! Thank you.

DaveO said...

Nice one Derek.. Thanks! Always like a bit of a Sam Cooke sound. Have you ever posted anything from his SAR label? Some real gems on there.. LC Cooke, the Valentinos and a great Jackie Ross 45 that I don't think are available anywhere. There is a SAR 2 cd set but it misses some great tracks.

Jan said...

This is a very good number. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Derek. I agree with the 'Wonderful World' influence observation, but the true origin of this particular song can be found on Detroit's Lupine label (or one of its subsidiaries). Produced by the great Robert West & performed by Sonny Woods, it's on the Lupine compilation album 'A Rock n' Roll Party' (CD too I think).
Nice version, thank you. Mick from Oz