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Thursday, January 5, 2012


Bay area psychedelic teens The Savage Resurrection cut only one LP, but what an album it is! This single is also the lead off track, and establishes a hypnotic groove that grooves along relentlessly for a mere 40 minutes. Unlike many of their plodding contemporaries, these youngsters were waxing cuts like this that can light up a ballroom dance floor into a swaying, grooving amoeba.

Sadly, the band only lasted one year, imploding after two key members quit. The group fulfilled some tour dates with replacement members but completely folded by the end of '68. The group HAS had a resurrection of sorts, as they are known to play the occasional gig here in the bay area.

from 1968...


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Supermod said...

Derek, I just saw the lead singer, Bill (I believe), yesterday. Get this: he runs a cool antique shop up on Piedmont Avenue and lives in our neighborhood.

We found this out years ago when a friend walked in and saw an original copy of the LP on the wall. He asked if it was for sale, and Bill responded that it was from his personal collection... he was in the band!

We see him often at our cafe, his shop, etc. Super nice guy! And sometimes, you can hear his current band practicing upstairs from the antique shop.

Derek See said...

I'd heard about that! What's the name of the antique store? I'd love to pay a visit.

Supermod said...

I believe it's Piedmont Lane Gallery.

Todd said...

Always had a good time playing this on the radio.

Timmy said...

Very Who-ish, with a smattering of Gratefulness.