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Thursday, January 19, 2012


Australia was a virtual musical mirror of the northern hemisphere during the 60's; talented groups sprouted up in all the major cities, most of which were waxing excellent cover versions of American and English soul and rock n roll records.

Somebody's Image was fronted by a then-teenage singer named Russell Morris who, by 1969, had risen to prominence as a major solo star in Australia.

This version of the ubiquitous "Hush" was released before the most famous one cut by Deep Purple, and takes its arrangement from Billy Joe Royal's version. However, this version wiped the floor with the Billy Joe Royal version in my opinion as it seems less rushed, cuts a deeper groove (dig that bass breakdown) and has a far better lead singer in Russell Morris. Since finding it on my Australian trip last year, it's become my favorite version of this tune.

from 1967...


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Rockin' Jeff said...

Nice one. Never heard this version before.

Oho said...

Hi Derek, I love this song. A guy called Tom did a mix of this song which infuses both, "Heat Wave" and "Hide and Seek" which are all excellent songs. His original link has since died so I re-uploaded it on my website if you want to download it. Thanks.