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Friday, January 27, 2012


A very non-Stax Stax record. In fact, this record is unlike anything else I've ever heard! The production is quite sparse, and has a haunting sound that reminds me of a Martha & The Vandellas track as if it were played by phantoms (or perhaps, say, the minimalist style of The Velvet Underground). The lyrics read like a diary entry, or perhaps the plot to romantic film noir. And just DIG that intro organ hook.

Colette Kelly herself is a complete mystery, and a mystery with a gorgeous voice; this seems to be her only release. Web searches for the production company listed on the sleeve don't reveal any info either, nor do the songwriters names.

Perhaps it WAS cut by ghosts. This record kinda freaks me out.

from 1969...


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Anonymous said...


Holly said...

I dig it too - but it IS totally non Stax like. And not 1969-like. Scratching head. ??

Anonymous said...

In the notes with the Stax / Volt Singles Volume Two box set Rob Bowman wrote - "Colette Kelly came via a master purchase agreement with Baltimore jukebox owner Sam Ungar. Kelly was young enough at the time that her parents needed to co-sign her contract. Ungar had also recorded Little Hooks and the Kings who enjoyed a minor hit on the Eastern Seaboard with 'Give the Drummer Some' released initially on Ungar's Enjay label and then, as it showed signs of promise, on MGM. These two records were the only attempts Ungar ever made to get into the production side of the record industry. Colette Kelly never recorded again and today (1993) manages a club in Baltimore.

John.h2 said...

I have "Long and Lonely World" by her from a Dean F download. It's also from 1969 on Volt so I guess it's the flip side, and another good track.

Anonymous said...

These 2 songs city of fools and long and lonly nites WERE writen and prodused by my brother and his group The Steppin Stores, Mary M.had stolden them and didapeared, My brother still has the oridgenol demos and is now seeking leagal help for copy infringment, My brothers name is John Anello Colette Kelly sang in his band Anyone that wonts to get hold of me, Tom Anello MY EMAIL tomsram@comcast.net