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Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Thankfully the label shows that the record is from Chicago, as other than that, I cannot find any info whatsoever about this talented group. What a vocal blend, and what a glorious falsetto lead.

I'm guessing the year.

from c1971...


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buthead said...

This also came out on Mod-Art in 1974.

FD13NYC said...

Hi Derek. Been with your blog for a long time now. Your knowledge and selections are of excellent esteem.

Just a little bone to pick. Some, or a lot of the songs you post are poppy and scratchy, (I know they're old 45s). But what's the sense in doing them in Divshare to download if they're not in listenable condition. If anything, the info to track them down is great nonetheless.

Derek See said...

FD13NYC. you have to be kidding me. This is a site that celebrates old 45's, and if pops and clicks bother you, please move on elsewhere. Many of these records are incredibly rare, and we take what we can get, just as, say, the recordings of Charley Patton are incredibly important, and the sound quality of the thrashed old 78's are all anyone has. You are the only person in 4 years of this site that has ever written and complained about the audio quality of my rips.

Anonymous said...

Derek, I know nothing of the group, but Casey Jones (leader of the backup band) has been a staple of the Chicago blues scene for decades. ---james porter