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Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Billy Young (1941-1999) was a singer who was born in Texas but moved to California at a young age, where he began recording as a member of The Classics in the early '60's, with his debut solo disc coming out in 1963. Soon afterwords, Young moved to Macon, GA where he became a protege of sorts to none other than THE BIG O, Otis Redding. Otis' influence completely changed Billy's vocal style, which is STRONGLY reminiscent of Otis on this great track, which was produced by the big man himself.

After Otis passed away, Billy continued recording sides under the supervision of Rick Hall, then began self producing a staggering number of singles (up until around 1984) that incorporated a fair share of social commentary and activism.

from 1966...


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YankeeBoy said...

What a terrific record! I just HAD to go to Gemm Music and buy myself a copy.