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Tuesday, July 17, 2012


This Chicago group is definitely not the same (white New York City) bunch that had a massive hit with "Hushabye" several years prior.

This is the only record that I know of from these Mystics, and it's a damn fine one to boot. Raw to the bone, yet the group harmonies still shout out Chicago quality backed by a group that cooks along with fire fueled intensity. This record has the type of sound that the Daptone gang is so successfully mining.

This is from The Mystics myspace page:
"The Mystic band got it's beginning in 1967, in the Pilsen neighborhood in a garage on the near southwest side of Chicago. The original band was comprised of 6 members, largely Hispanic, ages ranging from 15 to 19. Rudy Negron (Lead singers), Ted (Lead guitar), Joe (Drums), and Phil (Keyboards). The group played for local High School dances and outdoor festivals. Before long we had quite a following. In 1969 we merged with a local north side group, which also consisted of a brass and woodwind section. Now the Mystics were 12 members. In the fall of that same year a producer named Ed O'Kelly with Teako Label happened by one of the group's rehearsals. He was so impressed with what he heard that he offered the group a recording contract. By the winter of 1969 we went down to Universal Studios to record our first single "Thats the Kind of Love". A love ballad written by myself Rudy Negron. In the summer of 1970 the single hit the airwaves on the predominately black AM stations of WVON and WJPC of Chicago. The recording did quite well and hit the charts at number 11. "Thats the Kind of Love" was heard thoughout the country as well as in Viet Nam. Returning Vets made it a popular request song in the Tri-State area. The Mystics never reaped the reward of the recording. Like many young artist from that era the group had signed a questionable contract. The Mystics disbanded in 1971. We perform periodically on special occasions or as special guest with other bands. .."

from 1969...


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