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Thursday, July 5, 2012


My record obsession has been a lifelong quest, and I'm the first to admit that I was a very odd kid; while others in my peer group were all about G.I Joe, Star Wars toys and the like all I really cared about were records and those magic sounds that blasted out of the speakers of my close and play record player. Seeing this obsession, the adults in my life cast away the records of their childhood in my direction, effectively encouraging my anti-social behavior (for which I am eternally grateful!)

One of my favorite 45's to spin when I was very young was The Turtles "It Ain't Me Babe", which was backed by the garage stomper "Almost There". While I remember thinking their take on Dylan's "Babe" was OK, it was the stomping excitement of "Almost There" that kept bringing me back, and it's been a favorite record of mine for the past 30 or so of my 37 years.

Imagine my delight when a European friend offered up this INCREDIBLE record on his for sale list; Italy's I KINGS covered both sides of that immortal Turtles record and, just like the original, it's the side featuring "Almost There" that KICKS. The band somehow ups the intensity of The Turtles original (which is VERY punky) and dishes out a fiery plate of Aglio E Olio attitude.

 from 1966...



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zyderock said...

Awesome. I mix sound for a band that plays Italian pop songs from the 60's. This will be a perfect fit while they're on break. Thanks D