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Friday, July 6, 2012


A song such as "Money (That's What I Want)" is a song that's been covered ad infinitum; plain and simply, it's an INCREDIBLE song that has a message that cuts thru to the bone. Of course the two most famous versions (Barrett Strong and The Beatles) are tough acts to follow, as both versions are examples of PERFECT recordings. Miami, Florida's Fabulettes (aka The Mar-Vells) waxed a version that in my opinion is just as fabulous. These ladies exhibit some seriously sassy attitude on a song which is mostly performed by men, and when they get to their unique "move on, move on down the line" breakdown I, personally, am ready to open up my wallet and  bank account and give them all that I have.

from 1966...



justice said...

Yep absolutly fabulous !

: smintheus :: said...

Love this version. A few years ago you posted my favorite recording of "Money", by Barbara Lynn. It's almost a master-class in singing technique, and oh what a voice.

YankeeBoy said...