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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Great Record Stores: Barcelona!

The wonderful city of Barcelona is loaded with record stores, hidden in alleys off of La Rambla and beyond. In between my time spent sightseeing, relaxing on the beach and working (yes, I am working during these trips although it doesn't necessarily feel like it) I decided to check some of them out. One of my touring companions went to more shops (he's a CD buyer as well), but I was content with the array of goodies I turned up at two stores in particular.

Thanks to my local friends, I was hipped to Discos Juando (C/ Giralt de Pelliser, 2B 08003 Barcelona) which is not easy to find but worth every effort! This is a world class store, ran by the very friendly Marcos. I had delightful conversation with Marcos (seen in the above center picture) while I perused the generous 45 racks (and bought a few LP's as well). His prices are excellent, and no vinyl fiend will walk away empty handed!

Near the infamous La Rambla is the cool little alleyway called Riera Baixa. This street offers some excellent vintage vibe, and the great record store Discos Edison's. While I regrettably don't speak Spanish (other than a few useful words) and the owner of the shop does not speak much English, his warm demeanor and positive body language made for two enjoyable visits, proving once again that uncommon language does not need to cause a divide between us. This tiny shop is LOADED with great records, and they love to give discounts. I walked away with some fantastic Spanish beat and lovely '60's picture sleeves. This store is a definite must.

Well worth checking out on Riera Baixa for those who like vintage clothing and ephemera is Lullaby Boutique. EXCELLENT pieces and so so friendly!!!

ps- I also scored a great pair of BOOTS OF SPANISH LEATHER (thank you, Mr Dylan) near Riera Baixa.

...And here's some of the BOOTY


Mark said...

Wow! Those Small Faces and Stones sleeves are killing me!

Big Nothing said...

I'm seconding that wow! Wow! Beautiful Beatles buys!!

Funky16Corners said...

British Walkers Spanish p/s?!?