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Saturday, July 13, 2013


Some of the wildest, most outrageously rockin' dance numbers out of Chicago were centered around the too brief Uncle Willie dance (see The Daylighters "Oh Mom, Teach Me How To Uncle Willie", a past 45 of the day, for more proof). "Uncle Willie Time" may not be QUITE as intense as the Daylighters side, but it's more proof that the Uncle Willie may have caused too many dance floor emergencies (hyperventilation, dehydration) forcing it to fade away!

Bobby Miller is far better known as a songwriter (most notably with The mighty Dells), but he cut two dance 45's under his own name for Gene Chandler's Constellation label.

from 1964...


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TheCzarsOf45 said...

A great R&B dance classic. Uptempo, borderline funky, easy to listen to soul side. Enjoyable and has held up well. I am fortunate enough to own a near mint original 45 of this one, bought for $2.