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Sunday, July 28, 2013


Quite simply a gorgeous soul ballad that is the sound that brings to mind imagery of a NOLA nightclub at 4AM and the last slow dance. Once again, Allen Toussaint turns in a fantastic song (which goes straight to the heart in its simplicity) with an equally direct and pleasing production/ arrangement. Willie West turns in such a beautiful, heartfelt vocal as well.

Willie West (born and raised an hour away from New Orleans) bean his singing career at age 15 as a member of The Sharks, and has spent his whole life in music (read an excellent, comprehensive bio and history over at "Home Of The Groove".)

from 1966...



WtFB? said...

Hi, love the site. One question, are you ever planning on making the songs downloadable again? That was such a big draw, being able to listen to these wonderful songs over and over.

Derek See said...

As I have explained several times already in posts, the hosting site I used does not allow embedding anymore. This is how it's gonna be from here out. If you need to download the track, use the website called "Listen To Youtube".