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Thursday, May 28, 2009


Been far too long since I've featured an instrumental of any sorts around here. This is one primal slab of molten hot lava from the blazing Texas guitarist. Dig the organ!

As Albert was known as the 'ice Man", this was another of his records to feature a 'cool" name (the previous record to this was called 'Frosty").

A great one from the last blast era of electric blues that basically ended at the end of the sixties. And what a blast it was.

from 1964...



fuzzmeister said...

That's interesting - they called that song "Drivin' South" when Hendrix played it! Never knew Drivin South was a rip-off off Thaw Out! Thanks, it's a great instro.

Derek See said...

Fuzz, have to disagree. I don't think Drivin' South sounds like this at all. Drivin' South has a very different bridge section and it's credited to Curtis Knight. Both are rockin' though!

gary said...

Nice. Thanks.